Choose Your Data Storage Location (US or EU)

Sentry supports data storage in both the US and the EU.

You can choose where to store your data when you’re setting up your Sentry account by selecting from the dropdown menu under "Data Storage Location" in the "Create a New Organization" section.

Please note that once selected, your data storage location can’t be changed. The only way to switch it is by creating a new organization.

Your selection determines your data storage location only. Sentry will continue to access and process your data in accordance with your agreement with Sentry for the Sentry service and our Privacy Policy.

The table below shows the location where your data will be stored at rest, based on your selection.

Data Storage LocationPhysical Location
United States of America (US)Iowa, USA
European Union (EU)Frankfurt, Germany

Here’s a list of the types of data that will be stored in whichever data storage location (US or EU) you select.

  • Error events
  • Transactions
  • Profiles
  • Release health
  • Releases, debug symbols, and source maps
  • Session replays
  • Backups for these resources

Here’s a list of the types of data that may be stored in the US.

  • User accounts, notification settings, and 2FA authenticators (User accounts are shared by many organizations.)
  • Organization integration metadata (Integrations can be shared across organizations and many of our integrations only support sending their webhooks to a singular destination.)
  • Access tokens for users and organizations
  • Organization settings, configurations, and teams
  • Organization audit logs
  • Issue activity, issue links
  • Cron check-ins
  • Project metadata
  • DSN keys
  • Detailed usage data
  • Debug symbol metadata and source map metadata
  • Sentry applications
  • SSO, SAML, and SCIM metadata

Metadata that lets Sentry identify an organization will be replicated out of the organization's data storage location to facilitate login, and backwards-compatible APIs. You can always confirm the location of your organization by viewing your organization's settings page.

At this time, your data storage location can’t be changed if you have an existing SaaS organization. The only way to switch it is by creating a new organization.

If you have a self-hosted Sentry account, you can follow these instructions to migrate your data.

Supported for relocation:

  • User accounts and settings
  • Organization settings and configuration
  • Projects and project settings
  • Teams and members
  • Dashboards
  • Alert rules, notifications and incidents
  • Saved searches

Unsupported for relocation:

  • Error events, activity, and issue links
  • Transactions
  • Profiles
  • Session Replays
  • Cron check-ins
  • DSN keys
  • Release health
  • Releases, Debug Symbols, and source maps
  • Sentry Applications
  • Access Tokens for users and organizations
  • User notification settings, and 2FA authenticators
  • Project codeowners
  • Integrations
  • Organization Audit Logs

If you have multiple organizations, they will be treated separately regardless of where data is stored. This means that subscriptions, usage, users, projects, and so on, will be managed separately for each organization.

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