Cron Monitoring

Sentry's Cron Monitoring allows you to monitor the uptime and performance of any scheduled, recurring job in Sentry. Once implemented, it'll allow you to get alerts and metrics to help you solve errors, detect timeouts, and prevent disruptions to your service.

  • An invoice generation job, where it's critical for each job run to be completed successfully and in a timely manner with a predefined, scheduled, interval and frequency.
  • A server cleanup tool, where each job execution must not exceed a pre-defined runtime threshold.
  • Any other standalone unit of execution with a finite input.

To use Cron Monitoring, you must have an existing Sentry account and project set up. If you don't have one, create an account here.

  • Set Up Learn how to set up Sentry's job monitoring feature using our CLI, HTTP, and supported SDKs.
  • Job Monitoring Get a product walkthrough of our Job Monitoring feature.
  • Troubleshooting Get troubleshooting help.
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